Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Diet = Size 24, there I said it =)

If you've set a new years resolution it's dumb. . .plain and simple. I hate to tell you but even dumber is calling what your doing a diet. I can say this because I pretty much have consistently dieted since the age of oh. . .I don't  know 12 or 13. Obviously that didn't work because at one point in my life I was wearing a size 24. So yes, diet does = size 24. . .

That being said. I am encouraging EACH of you to change the way you think about your health this year (after all I could care less what you weigh - I care about your overall health and wellness). So if your goal is to lose 20 lbs, deadlift 50 more lbs, run a half marathon (kill me - I don't know why I still am considering running 13 miles when no one is chasing me, but more to come in the next blog post). Start thinking about how you're going to get there. You won't get there from a diet or an exercise program.

Instead, you'll get there from 3,000 decisions you have to make EVERY DAY. Sounds daunting I know - but that's the reality of health and wellness. 

90% of the people you work with, go to school with or hell, even live with are not that concerned about their health and wellness. So if you're going to go against the grain and do something different you must be CONSISTENT in your decisions, to do better than you did the day before.  Although it's not ALWAYS going to seem this hard, in the beginning it IS going to seem like a struggle  But I'll leave you with this quote because it can become second nature

The hard must become habit.  The habit must become easy.  The easy must become beautiful.  ~Doug Henning

Below are my nugget's thoughts about resolutions - you'll see a theme here, there dumb =)

How many times have you set resolutions and broken them? Pretty much every year right? How many times do you set unreal expectations and resolutions for yourself then when you fail get more disheartened than before?

Jasmine has always encouraged the people she helps with paleo and crossfitters to set realistic goals... and I am here to re-enforce her concerns and encouragement all in one short blog. The number 2 New Years resolution for 2010 was to get fit and to lose weight, etc. but for all of those who failed this past year, was it realistic or not? Looking back on it, did you set a goal to loose 300 pounds or realistic numbers?

Now who would I be if I didn’t relate to the blog I posted. My goal this year was to get a 6-pack, did it happen? NO! Don’t stop reading now, keep going. So I may not have a six-pack but lets go over what has happened this year, I’ve lost 13 pounds, I am the thinnest I’ve been since high school, and I’m down to a size two COMFORTABLY... so what would’ve been the realistic resolution? To get fit and to get strong or to get a 6-pack... as I posted in an earlier thought from a nugget, it’s all about balance... could I get a 6 Pack, most likely, however, I will most likely not ever have one and the reasons are as follows: Mac and Cheese, Zaxby’s, and overall happiness.

Now don’t read this and completely jump the bandwagon, still set goals for yourself, still grow and achieve what you set, but find the best way to do it and maintain your happiness and most importantly, don’t set goals too high for yourself and get down on yourself when you fail...

If you’re still planning on setting the second most popular resolution and you’re debating joining a crossfit, please just try it... Crossfit Peachtree is one of the best things that has ever happened to me... The people are amazing, the workouts are challenging and hard, but not so hard that I’m miserable for days on end afterwards, and the results are indisputable!

I’ll keep this short and sweet! Hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas. Here is to 2011, may it only be better than 2010!

BIG THOUGHTS - little nugget...

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