Thursday, May 19, 2011

Client #75

Friends - I read an e-mail recently from one of my 'clients' who has finished 45 days of paleo recently. This was the FIRST time she did this sort of a challenge for this long and I can tell you the physical results are AMAZING!

But more importantly - and as I'm noticing the theme of this blog is becoming more focused on - her mentality. Read what she wrote me in a recent e-mail. And of course - if you're on the fence contact me about how to get started! Since this client really gets it, she can spread her wings and fly now, leaving me room for another client =)

I asked her if she was pleased with her results. . .

Honestly, I had to look at the pictures again to accurately answer if I am pleased or not. Yes, I am very pleased. I think I was hoping for a miracle, to be a Victoria's Secret model in a month and a half perhaps. ha But there are great changes. My boobs are in a comfortable range where before I could barely keep them in the my bra. My legs are getting more definition and from the back my butt is higher and less butt crease. (Ooooh that sexy butt crease where it doesn't get tan and just makes it that much more noticable. Plight of pale chicks perhaps.) haha And finally my waist is actually lower. I have had to realize that this is life now and there will always be work to be done. I am finally happy with the way I look. I don't look in the mirror and say, "blah I wish..." I now say, "Fabulous, today I can....." enter whatever to finish the sentence. I don't say I'm fat. I don't complain. I am.... thankful :)  And, more importantly I feel awesome. People need to realize that after day 30 it only gets better. Results happen faster and workouts get easier and more productive by the day. Just keep pushing.
This is so cheesy but my life has changed since I started this. I don't think I have ever been proud of myself. Well, I am proud of myself. I finally broke free from that addiction and am going somewhere in my life. Eating better has reduced my anxiety levels (a tricky battle in my family and medicine has been suggested but I just didn't/ want to) and helped me become a more organized person. I can think better and remember more information and I no longer want alcohol to mask issues. I got an A in both my classes and don't fear what is to come. And its weird to say, I love people/family/friends more.
All that from a diet? yeah, all that from a diet. Even if I am not a model and my body is not exactly where I want it to be, everyday has become a day to get better.
Yes, I am pleased.

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